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Infinite sneakers, seasick moms, and the
Walking Dead

You may be wondering what these three groups have in common.  Normally nothing (unless of course the zombies were moms who had killer sneakers).  However, in this case they are associated by the work we did for them.  They are connected by great research that produced incredible results.  

Scroll down to see a few examples of how all our our great research became even greater creative.

astronaut on moon.jpg




Sky: The Walking Dead


Can't wait for this pack to drop...

Applying sneakerhead cultural insights from AIMS, we re-launched the

Vans Customs site with the idea that every custom shoe represented a

ultra-limited edition.  

The 360º campaign included a Facebook campaign that used the Customs back-end to build Facebook ads where no two were alike.  

The results: 

  • 128MM impressions (63% uplift)

  • 3.6MM video views (35% uplift)

  • 300K+ engagements

  • 60% sales uplift 


We sent moms around the world trying to get them sick - and it didn't work!

AIMS analysis informed the reintroduction of Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals in three critical ways: It identified the target, key influencers perfect for joining the conversation, and the method by which we would compensate them. 


Our creative team leveraged these insights to develop the #KeepMoving campaign that put the brand to the test by sending moms on epic trips around the world. Each trip featured content celebrating the spirit of adventure without the hassle of motion sickness.

The results: 

  • 17.4MM impressions

  • 20% Instagram growth

  • 4x increase in engagement

Sky: The Walking Dead


We kicked off Season 7 for SKY learning what The Walking Dead fan wants through social semitics and listening by listening.


Working with Sky News, we developed live news reports convincing viewers that The Walking Dead was real - and coming.

To generate additional buzz and reach, we created localized mobile videos, with walkers being spotted in popular locations in the UK.


  • 14MM+ views

  • 2 organic views for every paid view

  • 100K+ reactions

Walking Dead
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